November 11th, 2018

NPC Puerto Rico Championships National Qualifier – San Juan, PR (TBD)

NPC PUERTO RICO ATHLETES ~ Proudly keep those chins up and continue diligently & persistently stepping forward, Puerto Rico. I know that your recovery will unveil a stronger, more unified island of perseverance and pride. Many BLESSINGS are coming down the pike for all of you. Strength in patience and faith will result in very special results… Long live Boricua Muscle!! 

Let’s move some positive energy and prayers that we can collectively make November 11, 2018 come to fruition and a complete day of CELEBRATION!! 🇵🇷 

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**NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance**

NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance is a gathering of individuals diligently working towards developing the most cohesive and unified circle of assigned officials, judges, promoters & expeditors displaying fair diplomacy & camaraderie to promote interest to educate and guide aspiring NPC Puerto Rico amateur athletes to excel within their respective NPC disciplines. This core nucleus group will oversee and cultivate the growth & expansion of NPC Puerto Rico memberships while the NPC competitors climb the NPC ladder ascending to the NPC National level and onto the IFBB Pro League stage.

NPC Athletes Rules and Qualifications ~ Building in strength

Must be in good standing as a current NPC Cardholder. Click on the category below for more information.

Men Physique
Women Physique
Classic Physique


NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance

  • Testimonial

    Tim Gardner

    District Chairman

    About Tim Gardner

    Tim Gardner of Tampa, Florida is an Olympia Judge, IFBB Head Judge, NPC Puerto Rico Chairman, an IFBB Official, NPC National Judge, IFBB/NPC Contest promoter, founder of Tim Gardner Productions, and creator of TEAM BODY*TECH. Gardner competed in bodybuilding for over a decade rising to the NPC National level. In 1995 he created TEAM BODY*TECH which is now world renowned for turning out top NPC and IFBB Pro athletes with over 810 rostered athletes, 300 champions and 1,050 titles. Gardner added the BODY*TECH BABES to the BODY*TECH brand as the bodybuilding industry expanded into Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique.

  • Testimonial

    Bubby Lupo

    Vice Chairman

    About Bubby Lupo

    IFBB Pro Judge NPC National Judge NPC Louisiana District Vice-Chairman  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Eileen Gardner

    Vice Chairperson

    About Eileen Gardner

    Vice Chairperson IFBB Pro Judge  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Yanira Rodríguez

    Vice Chairperson

    About Yanira Rodríguez

    NPC Vice Chairperson NPC Puerto Rico District State Judge  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Edwin Vasquez Ortega

    Puerto Rico Head Promoter

    About Edwin Vasquez Ortega

    Puerto Rico Head Promoter