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NPC Worldwide Wings Of Strength Romania Muscle Fest IFBB Professional League Pro Qualifier

Online registration closes on Wednesday, November 11 at 10:00pm EST.

NPC Atlantic Coast Championships/NPC Worldwide Regional
NPC Arizona Women’s Extravaganza National Qualifier

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NPC Athlete Online Registration

Click on NPC News Online to read about all the rules you need to know before signing up to compete as an athlete in a show. You can click on the buttons to read the rules just for that category. NPC online athlete registration is non-refundable.


NPC Athlete Online Registration Rules & Qualifications

NPC Men’s Physique & Men’s Classic Physique Height/Weight Requirements


NOTE: A NPC athlete can compete in the NOVICE division just as long as they have never won an NPC Overall title.

NPC online athlete registration is non-refundable.

Dedicated posing music must be supplied on a USB Flash Drive. Athlete may only select one file per flash drive. No emails or CDs will be accepted.

Allotted time for posing routines:

NPC Men & Women Bodybuilding, Classic Physique & Women Physique will be 60 seconds choreographed routine to music at evening finals.  NPC Fitness: 2 minutes.

Gymnastics moves are prohibited in all divisions except Women Fitness. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NPC ATHLETES: All competitors must have a current NPC card at the athlete check-in. NPC memberships run as the calendar year from January 1 – December 31.

Allotted posing time will be held at 60 seconds for individual choreographed routines to music at evening finals for NPC Men & Women Bodybuilding, Classic Physique & Women Physique. NPC Fitness routines will be held at 2 minutes.

Dedicated posing music must be supplied on a USB Flash Drive or dedicated CD. Athlete may only select one file per flash drive. No emails will be accepted.

Gymnastics moves/flips are prohibited in all categories except Women Fitness and will result in disqualification.

The NPC Fitness division will no longer have the two-piece swimsuit round. All NPC athletes will judged on their fitness routines including the following mandatory moves; push-up, high kick, straddle hold & side split.

A NPC athlete can compete in the Novice division if they have never placed first in a NPC show.

A NPC athlete can compete in the “First Time Ever” True Novice division if they have never entered a NPC contest.

Please see furnished revised 2018 NPC Classic Physique height & weight requirements.

Beginning in 2018, only the top two of each open class of every category will qualify for NPC National level status. Qualification is good through the ensuing year.

Please take note that due to liability concerns, weight equipment in the pump up area can no longer be provided. You are allowed to bring your own bands at your own risk.

Backstage passes can be purchased at the NPC athlete check-in only. This recipient must have a current NPC card membership with proper identification for liability purposes. Must show proof of purchase of prejudging & evening finals tickets prior to buying a backstage pass. You will not be able to pass security backstage without proper credentials. Backstage photography or videography is strictly prohibited.

NPC News Online is the official photographer/videographer at all Tim Gardner Productions events. Maximum Muscle Report & Muscle Papa will assist as indicated for each designated assignment. Individual photo-shoots can be reserved and scheduled at each event.

Hot Spot Tanning is the official tanning, hair & makeup company at all Tim Gardner Productions events. No other tanning companies are allowed to set up at the designated official host hotels.

NPC competitors can register online for each designated Tim Gardner Productions event @ Each athlete can enter as many classes in various categories for multiple crossovers if eligible. Entry fees are non-refundable but can be applied as a credit for a future Tim Gardner Productions event.

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS & VIDEOGRAPHERS: Video and telephoto lens cameras are strictly prohibited at any Tim Gardner Productions IFBB Professional League Pro-Am event.