November 12, 2018

Hi Fit Fam Worldwide,

The TG FLEX World Tour has been in high gear all of this year but had to ramp up a few more clicks through September, kicking off with our most impressive IFBB Professional League Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women Bodybuilding World Championship & Arizona Women Pro to date. The combined efforts & teamwork of Jake Wood, Alexandra Sacasa, Wings of Strength Staff & Tim Gardner Productions Elite Team produced a record breaking and seamless event for the athletes, officials & fans alike. Relishing in our successes from the Arizona weekend, Eileen, Brett & I decided to leave Scottsdale in a rental car for our next destination in Vegas and the Mr. Olympia to venture through scenic roads and highways in our quest to set eyes on the Grand Canyon. Mission accomplished – God’s beautiful earthly creations never cease to take my breath away. Our trio rendezvoused with Rachel and Kayleen once at the Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia Weekend for what would be one of the most exciting Olympias of late and a changing of the guards to ignite the Saturday evening energy of the Orleans Arena. I was truly proud to be a part of the this year’s Olympia judging panel. History was made…

A few days later, Tim Gardner Productions set up camp on Clearwater Beach, Florida for the 18th Annual NPC Hurricane Bay Championships, NPC Typhoon Bay Naturals & 3rd Annual IFBB Professional League Hurricane Pro. This particular event was extremely exciting in that the ‘Cane changed venues from Tampa to across the bay to a historic performing arts property, Capitol Theatre. In addition, the host hotel, Hyatt Regency was a major hit in that it was in close proximity of the theatre and also right on Clearwater Beach sun and fun. Eileen & I capped off September with a judging appearance at Michael Matassa & Tony Curtis’ record breaking NPC Daytona Beach Muscle Classic.

October placed Eileen and I back on planes and a whole lot of EUROPE for International judging duties; Olympia Amateur United Kingdom, Fit Parade Sports Festival in Budapest, Hungary and then the most unusual happenings and turn of events for the European environment of bodybuilding and fitness in North Spain where subsequently one week later would benefit the promotional efforts of Emilio Martinez and his Ben Weider Classic Pro & IFBB Professional League Pro Qualifier in Alicante, Spain. Emilio initially expressed that the preregistered numbers were looking bleak only a couple of weeks out but to his amazement, walkups came in droves to make for an exuberant weekend for all of the athletes of very high caliber, quality and depth.
Halloween weekend set the tricks & treats for my favorite NPC event to promote. Not only do I get to co-promote it with my close and personal friend, Mel Chancey, we also get the luxury to set up the most relaxing check-in, prejudging, finals and after-party schedule for everyone involved. Mid-morning athlete meetings, expedient yet fun and fair preliminaries with finals commencing not too far behind and allowing the entire show to be done before the sun went down; WOW!! Good times to be had by all!! Unfortunately, I seemed to have caught some viral funk during all of the mayhem of the Mel Chancey NPC Champion Coast Classic National Qualifier to the tune of the nastiest upper respiratory infection looping me up to multiple days of 105 degrees of volcanic fevers & cold chills. I felt so terrible that I had to cancel out on my obligation to my friends in Denmark to miss judging their show. I definitely owe them BIG. 12 days in bed, just as many pounds lost and Doctor’s meds galore after, Nurse Good Body Eileen was able to nourish me back up to 70% to make our return to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and our 3rd Annual NPC Puerto Rico Championships National Qualifier. From our very first NPC Puerto Rico Advisory Committee Meeting, to the athlete check-in and throughout the entire competition, this event carried the most incredible ambiance the entire weekend. Puerto Rico was so hungry to get back onstage and it showed through the energy and cheers from the ecstatic crowd and the happy smiles from the athletes. A grand score for the NPC Boricua-style!!

Eileen, Kayleen, Rachel and I are flying back home. It was a wonderful show and a wonderful, yet brief visit. Be assured Puerto Rico, we are coming back in a very HUGE way come Memorial Day Weekend – EVERY IFBB Professional League PRO division!!

Now, in preparation to fly back to my homeland, Japan that I hardly know anything about; my parents divorced shortly after and the Japanese side of culture being my mother’s side was prohibited by the courts; zero custody – my last memories when I was five years-old during my last visit ever with my Japanese grandparents. This will be an emotional flight for me. I am so excited to be a part of the first IFBB Professional League Japan Pro-Am promoted by my good friend, Hidetada Yamagishi but am nervous of the feelings that may arise after being covered up for over 51 years. I hope the sushi is good…

Yours In the IFBB Professional League & NPC,

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