July 8, 2019

Such an EUPHORIC Wings of Strength Chicago PRO-AM weekend!! All of our TGP ELITE Team Staff are on their return flights; Eileen, Kiki-Dee & I are also boarding our flight back home but sadly saying our adieus to Chi-Town. It was practically the Land of Utopia for four straight days at the Tinley Park Convention Center under the keen judge’s eye of Head Judge Gary Udit and his esteemed panel of judges accompanied by the red carpet treatment from the ELITE Team. It was a seamlessly flawless production where the only venue complaint was that an athlete or two left cups in the backstage area filled with urine; lol. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. The 315 IFBB Professional League PROS & NPC amateur athletes were absolutely amazing bringing top caliber quality in their physique presentations. It really does feel like home at the Tinley Park Convention Center & its adjoining host hotel, Holiday Inn Tinley Park. The tandem efforts of Wings of Strength & Tim Gardner Productions has made this July event a sure-to-mark-date on an athlete’s calendar for they know that they will be treated like royalty throughout their entire stay. After 8 years, this show has grown to be a staple as one of the industry’s largest & toughest shows of the year. I am anxious to return to my office for the next 4 days to get at the grindstone on NPC Chairman duties and BEV STORE orders – you know WE LO❤️E OUR BEV CUSTOMERS!! Then, we head southbound for Maria Bellando’s prestigious NPC Southern States Championships to judge with our NPC Family. I am really looking forward to sharing the Head Judging post with my longtime industry buddy, Maz Ali.

Eileen & I are truly loving life. Well, hopefully our paths cross soon at a competition near you. We are missing our European contingents and are ecstatic to see our Asian ones very soon. Keep spreading that NPC Worldwide LOVE. Be healthy, be happy, be loved and most importantly… BE YOU.

Yours in the NPC & IFBB Professional League,

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