American Airlines, up, up and away to Charlotte, North Carolina to head judge the IFBB & NPC Charlotte Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo. What an amazing blur of IFBB & NPC excitement for the last five weeks of Spring from Puerto Rico, Toronto, Chicago, back to Puerto Rico, New Orleans and then a return trip to the Windy City for a FIREWORKS of a record breaking 5th Annual IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza National Qualifier. From the time the Elite Team crew of Tim Gardner Productions landed, they hit the ground running and executed a flawless Chicago FIT & FLEX Expo Weekend. I could not be any more grateful of this unit’s cohesiveness.

On deck, Boricua Times at the inaugural NPC Adela Garcia Battle of the Island National Qualifier in Puerto Rico. As the NPC Puerto Rico Chairman, it is quite gratifying to see the continued growth and interest from the Puerto Rican athletes. The following week, we will be wearing dual hats as coach in Pittsburgh’s NPC Masters Nationals with a very experienced veteran group of nine TEAM BODY*TECHers and then a quick hop to Baltimore to head judge the IFBB Baltimore Grand Prix.

We are projecting record numbers for our 9th Annual Wings of Strength IFBB PBW Championships Tampa Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza to be held the first week in August. Our goal is to exceed our current IFBB record of 228 IFBB athletes. We are also looking to create quite the frenzy in late September as we introduce the FIT & FLEX Expo in conjunction with the 17th Annual NPC Hurricane Bay & Typhoon Bay Championships. There will be a wide array of sports & fitness activities with events such as powerlifting, Strong Man, Tri-Fitness, wrestling, caged MMA, art of grappling, martial arts, NFL Alumni, IFBB Hurricane Pro & much more.

Wishing much success to the IFBB Pros and NPC athletes preparing for their respective competitions in the upcoming months. Try not to lose sight of the experience of your journey and remember that good sportsmanship is key. You never know who is really watching you or is in earshot of your words. Simplify matters by working hard for your goals without hidden agendas or excuses. I promise the rewards will be bountiful.

Yours in IFBB & NPC,