I am living a dream…

May 25, 2018

It’s times like the present that I get to sit quietly, undisturbed and reflect on things while being held captive by the seatbelt sign in my economy aisle seat, 53D on Delta’s Airbus A350-900; as it soars across the deep blue Pacific on its 12.5 hour journey to Seoul, Korea compliments of its smooth and on time departure from Detroit International. I have to pinch myself of all of the exciting appointments which IFBB Professional League and NPC President Jim Manion and our fitness industry affords me almost on a weekly basis. The places, cultures and people that I get to experience have been anything short of amazing to say the least. Subsequently, I get the bonus of having my Tortuga accompany me more than 90% of the time. Currently, Eileen, with her head nestled on my shoulder is peacefully napping. She deserves a medal – never complains of being fatigued or the hectic schedule that we must maintain for our office, the airport and our home. What a trooper she has  been through this Internationally global expansion of the IFBB Professional League. She is always by my side and encouraging with every step that I take. It is a reward in itself that the person that means the most to me – believes in everything that I do. I thank God every day for all of his unbelievable blessings which he bestows. Balancing goals, endeavors, life, love, health, obligations, finances, future and family have been a formidable undertaking which I can proudly look in the mirror each morning and know that I am applying my efforts and energy to the best of my ability. In my business affairs, I continue to be led by my heart – where in the past, I have been heavily ridiculed. It’s ironic that I recently opened a fortune cookie that told me that my kindness would now lead to my success. Regardless of the occasional sacrifices & setbacks, the final outcome is always good. This year is already stacking up to be something very special with Tim Gardner Productions, The BEV STORE, IFBB Professional League & NPC officiating and also some projects coming down the pike that most likely will bring grateful & happy tears to my eyes. They say if you consistently and ethically work hard without ulterior motives that it will eventually get noticed. Dreams are incredible especially when they come to fruition – I AM LIVING A DREAM…
Yours In IFBB Professional League & NPC,

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