Baltimore Trip

Eileen and I are on our early morning Southwest flight back to our Tampa office from Baltimore. What an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday visit by the Inner Harbor that we experienced after a heavily packed last three weeks which encompassed six days of Chicago for our record breaking IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza National Qualifier, three days in Puerto Rico for Adela Garcia’s NPC Battle of the Island, four days in Pittsburgh at Gary Udit’s NPC Masters Nationals and three days slated for the Inaugural IFBB Grand Prix of Baltimore Pro & Fitness Expo. Promoter Boris Boradin rolled out the red carpet for the judges with a plush venue and host hotel in a very competitive IFBB Pro event of open men bodybuilding, bikini and men physique divisions. It was a special treat for myself as the IFBB Pro Head Judge to work closely with Mr. Olympia Promoter, Robin Chang with this first time event. We look forward to Mr.Boradin’s Baltimore show to grow considerably in the upcoming years.

We are anxiously and diligently up camp for our 9th Annual Wings of Strength IFBB PBW Championships Tampa Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza National Qualifier to kick off August. On deck, we return to San Antonio with great expectations of our IFBB San Antonio Pro & NPC Tim Gardner San Antonio Extravaganza National Qualifier. The third week in August will send us to an IFBB Pro Head Judging post in Atlanta for Ty “Rope” Felder’s IFBB Coastal USA and then we shall wrap up with more IFBB & NPC judging at the IFBB Naples Sports Festival Pro-Am.

My heart is warm in how our TEAM BODY*TECHers & BODY*TECH BABES proudly stood on stage at this year’s NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. Maria Flores-Cooper, Tab Hunter, Justin Edwards and Baxter Greene led our troops with their convincing placings within the top five of their respective divisions. Bart Mauldin, Tia Hunter, Stephanie Collins accomplished top ten spots while Darlene Shuman and Laurie Tarazona just missed finishing in those slots. Good STUFF!!

Personally, over the span of this weekend, I have set a milestone goal for myself; almost dreamlike. Now it is time to practice what I often lecture on; Dream to Achieve. Well, we are off to make TODAY better than yesterday…

Yours in IFBB & NPC,

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