August 12, 2019 

Eileen and I are finally traveling back to Tampa from beautifully historic San Antonio, Texas after quite the exhilarating two weeks of Tim Gardner Productions mayhem. The buildup hype for this year’s TAMPA PRO-AM materialized to nothing short of the expectations for this 12th Annual colossal event. World Record breaking and topping the 300 mark of IFBB Professional League PROS with an additional 250 plus amateur entrants crossing the very same stage; the athletes, officials, family members & attending fans were all entertained to their fullest in the showcasing of competitors at this bodybuilding & fitness production for the entire weekend. Anchoring the Tampa Pro-Am a week later, the 5th Annual San Antonio Pro-Am bridges the two contests and is quickly building its own reputation as the first Olympia Qualifier of the year for the upcoming season. Uniquely located on the San Antonio Riverwalk historic district, the Host Hotel, Westin & elaborately exquisite venue, the Aztec Theatre, combine themselves as the perfect combination of red carpet treatment for the athletes, staff & Judges. I congratulate every athlete spanning from over 40 countries and 25 US States for bringing their exceptional and inspiring physiques to our stages. I would like to shine a spotlight on our contributing supportive sponsors for all they do in conjunction with Tim Gardner Productions; Jake Wood and the entire Wings of Strength Crew; for without them, the magnitude of our events would not even be close to the levels they are now. To our title and main presenting sponsors such as Yamamoto Nutrition, Muscle Vodka, Immortal Labs, Hot Spot Tanning & Blackstone Labs – we appreciate your continued loyalty to us that words cannot express. To our plethora of supporting booth sponsors, we know you have many options to where you can advertise; thank you for allowing us to present you at our events.

Lastly, what is the synergistic driving force that exemplifies the positive energized ambiance of a Tim Gardner Productions event; our highly trained and experts of our industry, expediting crew extraordinaire, the TGP ELITE Team. I never get acclimated to the many compliments directed to you after a show. This collection of bodybuilding passionate individuals make our undertakings appear flawlessly seamless and recognized for its qualities from athletes all over the world.  I love you all and am so grateful for your dedicated efforts to solidify that the the IFBB Professional League & NPC are the greatest level of its kind on the globe. Keep reaching for higher rungs on your Dream Ladder; until then… 

Yours in IFBB Professional League & NPC,


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