2018 Already Has An Amazing Schedule Laid Out

March 01, 2018 

Hi IFBB Professsional League & NPC Family,

2018 already has an amazing schedule laid out for the health & fitness enthusiasts; no matter what your level of interest measures out to be. There is a category for every eye’s appeal; from bodybuilding to bikini and every look in between. The most exciting news for our athletes this season, both of professional and amateur status is the addition of International venues all over the world hosting IFBB Professional League Olympia Qualifiers in conjunction with IFBB Professional League Pro Qualifying Amateur events. This is a direct link and the only path to the athletes’ ultimate dream of turning PRO and then one day stepping on the Olympia stage. “WIN AND YOU’RE IN!!”

Tim Gardner Productions is ramping up March to roll out our red carpet for the athletes in Hawaii & Ft. Lauderdale. Collectively, we are showcasing 8 IFBB Professional League Pro-Am events around the globe along with 2 NPC National Qualifiers. The world renowned ELITE Team, our expert expediting crew is anxious to show you their warm and welcoming ways confirming our ongoing motto that the athletes are royalty – YOU are the featured & honored guests. I am so proud of the cohesiveness and leadership that comes out of our hand picked and finely groomed ELITE Team Staff. The common denominator is apparent, each of them have tremendous respect and passion for our sport and they all love the NPC & IFBB Professional League. By popular vote, frequently complimented and highly recognized as one of the best groups of individuals within our industry – I confidently would post the likes of Carla Salotti, Rich Alvarez, Allen Sizemore, Brett Gardner & David Herskovitz in their capacities amongst anyone.

IFBB Professional League & NPC President, Jim Manion does not have an easy task nowadays attempting to coordinate valid passports, schedule availability, conflicting contest dates and assignment of the IFBB Professional League Judges. Over 50 international shows were added to the already existing 60 plus mainland calendar in a drop of a hat, clearly indicating zero hesitation along with the strong interest of promoters worldwide wanting the IFBB Professional League moniker on their event stages. As for myself, the PREZ appointed me to 9 different Countries spanning 3 Continents just in the next 4 months. Obviously, this will be a banner year of travel. I may change my name to Gulliver or Magellan, lol. Rack up those frequent air miles… I will never complain about a 4 hour flight to Vegas ever again. 

I am so elated of the recent tedious and persistent efforts of Eileen Gardner and The BEV STORE’s new direction. She has been working diligently on launching The BEV STORE website online shopping along with marketing the wholesale account aspect of the business. This has been a long time coming since taking on the Florida Distributorship for Beverly International back in 2000. The right components and motives make for the best chemistry and timing of any endeavor. Now, with Eileen’s involvement and her vision, The BEV STORE will certainly reach a level which it has never experienced. 

I am truly grateful to be constantly busy and most importantly, productive each day at my office. There are rewards every week from athletes and customers sending a kind word of appreciation. Nowadays in our society, only complaints seem to make their way but our work environment seems to escape the negativity. Synergy is the active ingredient and glue that helps fuel my passion. Wearing three business caps as an entrepreneur, event promoter and official is sometimes quite trying but at the end of each day, I feel that I am blessed beyond blessings. I truly love my life; I have the most amazing woman by my side, wonderful & talented children, genuine friends of a lifetime in my corner, a Church that I believe in and so much support from the industry that I would bleed for. Don’t forget, my unconditional cuddle monster, PITO. 

We will keep you posted on the TGP Party Bus. Until then, keep those DREAMS ALIVE.

Yours In Health & Peace,


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